Lantern should work in your inventory

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I know Minicraft is a port of an existing game, but I think one small change would make dungeons much better. Lanterns should still work as they do now, except that if you have a lantern in your inventory, it should light your surroundings just as if you had it over your head.

The way it works now, you have to hold a lantern above your head, making you vulnerable to monsters in the dungeon. There are way too many monsters in the dungeon to make this work. I can't walk more than one or two screens before dying while holding a lantern, forcing me to "push" the lantern around while equipping a sword to fight back monsters. This is really slow and not much fun. The only other alternative is to use the shovel to dig every spot in the dungeon to make a safe route to the resources, which is also slow and not much fun.

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I think the way Notch has designed it is that you place a lot of Lanterns in the dungeon lighting the way to the next staircase. But I will think about your suggestion.